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Palak Gravy Base ( Pack Of 2 )

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Made with fresh spinach, this ready-to-cook base is a must-have addition to your pantry for convenient and delicious meals.

Unlock the vibrant flavors of spinach with our Palak Gravy Base. We carefully select and use only the freshest spinach leaves to ensure maximum taste and nutrition. The result is a rich and flavorful base that will elevate your curries to new heights.

  • INSTAKOOK's Palak Gravy Base for mouth-watering palak-based curries in minutes.
  • Made with fresh spinach, ensuring maximum taste and nutrition.
  • Ready-to-cook base for convenient and quick meal preparation.
  • Elevates your curries with rich and flavorful palak taste
  • Enjoy the goodness of fresh spinach in every bite.
  • Allows you to explore your culinary creativity with palak-based recipes.
  • Delivers robust flavors without compromising on quality.
  • Transform your meals into delectable palak-based delights with ease

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